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I’ve found inspiration in the NY Times… again.  But, inspiration is all around us, everywhere, in everything, it’s just a matter of committing to using it.  If we are beings of energy, all of us, living in a universe of seen and unseen energy, then we are constantly being touched by grace, energy.  The tricky part is seeing it and using it with purpose.

Philip Roth gives his last interview (so he says) to Charles McGrath of the Times, about his retiring from fiction. After 31 books, who can blame him?  31 books?! That is amazing, but obviously, not without effort or its own frustration: 

“I know I’m not going to write as well as I used to. I no longer have the stamina to endure the frustration. Writing is frustration — it’s daily frustration, not to mention humiliation. It’s just like baseball: you fail two-thirds of the time.”

It’s like a gift of sorts to read that someone who has written 31 books (not counting all those thrown away pages) has struggled so much to produce them, that doing something well, something that you love is HARD work.  What a gift to hear that it sucks [my words] and yet, he did it anyway.  On my quest to find what I loved to do, I always thought, that once I figured it out, the rest would be easy.  Ha!  Total bullshit. Totally a myth.  The irony is that once you finally decide what you’re going to do with you life, then the real work begins.  Hard work. Effort.  Commitment.  Because inspiration is one thing, but then making something real and lasting out of it, is a whole other thing.  And it sucks, but it also is uplifting and joyful and inspiring in itself, its own gift.  

“You know, I needed my life as a springboard for my fiction. I have to have something solid under my feet when I write.”  Roth says about his process.  Which makes me think of life and work, our best comes from a place of grounding, knowing who we are and using that to move forward.  Like yoga, if we aren’t grounding down in our poses, we lose balance or hurt ourselves- the weight needs to be even, balanced, moving in two directions at once.  Up and down; forward and back; in and out; inspired and committed- both at the same time.


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