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A Good Day

Recently, I’ve been telling folks when they ask what I do, that “on a good day, I write.”  Then I explain that the rest of the time is filled with all the other numerous things I’m involved in – yoga, teaching yoga, doula work, photography, eating, etc.

This morning, I went to my favorite local bakery/ morning place after having been away for a couple of weeks and ended up sitting down to have a coffee and biscuit (delicious by the way).  And sure enough, I met a regular sitting at the bar who turned out to be a writer.  When he asked what I did, I gave him my usual, on a good day…

Today being Tuesday, I also went to a meditation and dharma (teachings on Buddhism) talk at the Shambala center, which had just recently started up again for the fall.  And I got to thinking (you know how hard it is to meditate without thinking??), if someone told me that they only wrote on “good days” then I would most probably reply, then why not make every day, a good day?  Why not do what you love, every day of the week? A ton of bricks, just like that, crashing down in my head…well more like a wee, little light bulb going on 😉

If I’ve spent most of my life telling people that I want to write and that it would be a part of what I did no matter what, then what exactly am I waiting for?  A bad day??  To be honest, bad days sometimes make it easy to write – the angst, frustration, pain; but a good day is just as full of things to write about and share – joy, happiness, bliss-so in truth, writing isn’t about good days or bad days, it’s just about…life.

So here I am, writing; but, I’m still calling today a good day, just so you know 😉

Biscuit for breakfast


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